Resources for the Study of Simms:

  • The most complete resource for the study of Simms is the Simms Initiatives, a project of the University of South Carolina libraries, generously funded by the Watson-Brown Foundation. The Simms Initiatives features digital surrogates of all of Simms’s published works, his personal scrapbooks, the complete run of theĀ Simms Review academic journal, images of physical materials owned by or connected to Simms, and copious explanatory and interpretive information.
  • The Simms Initiatives also features a superb bibliography of primary and secondary materials for the study of Simms.
  • The authoritative biography of Simms is Simms: A Literary Life by John C. Guilds.
  • For those new to Simms, the best one-volume introduction to Simms’s work is Reading William Gilmore Simms: Essays of Introduction to the Author’s Canon, edited by Todd Hagstette.
  • Print-on-demand editions of the majority of Simms’s published works are available through the University of South Carolina Press.
  • Manuscript materials–including personal memoranda and manuscripts of unpublished works–are available in the Charles Carroll Simms Collection, South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina.