Society Officers

For details about the roles of the officers and the process of their election, see the Society’s constitution and bylaws.

Colin Pearce, PhD
Clemson University

W. Matthew J. Simmons, PhD
University of South Carolina

Past President, 2016-2018
Jeffery Rogers, PhD
Gordon College

Sam Lackey, MA
University of South Carolina

Emily Yost, MA
Brooke High School (Wellsburg, WV)

Sean Busick, PhD
Athens State University

Simms Review Editor
Todd Hagstette, PhD
University of South Carolina-Aiken

Past Society Presidents:
Kevin Collins, PhD
John C. Guilds, PhD
Miriam Shillingsburg, PhD
David Moltke-Hansen, PhD
David Aiken, PhD
Matthew Brennan, PhD
Sean Busick, PhD